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Anonymizes all your internet activity such as VOIP, Poker/Casino, Online TV, Surfing, Chat Rooms, Games, Instant Messaging, Blogs. Even Social Networks like MySpace, Youtube, Facebook, Bebo, Hi5 and so on With Our Professional VPN Services!
Real All-In-One VPN Service !
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Hong Kong
Automatic Order Process: You will get your vpn account detail immediately after you payout!
    Benefits of using our professional SSTP/PPTP/L2TP VPN and OpenVPN service:
  • Strong Encryption & Unlimited bandwidth fast vpn services!
  • Assigns your computer a new IP address
  • Get a safe/encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet
  • Watch your favourite TV program online
  • Unblock all VOIP Applications include Skype
  • Bypass all blocked web sites, such as adult, poker, sensitive sites!
  • High speed game vpn proxy
  • Anonymize you at work, school, even behind restrictive firewalls
  • Protection against DNS spoofing, nuking, Evil Twin and other attacks
  • Unrestricted access to the Internet in the Middle East. eg. UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain Oman and so on.
  • Secure you in unsecured locations (Internet cafes, WiFi Hotspots, hotels, airports, cruises, universities, etc.)
Our VPN can work fine in your area, you can access all blocked websites and use blocked network application through our VPN connection, you can also watch resident only TV programs & videos online, such as BBC, iTV, ABC, Hulu, CBC and so on at anywhere in the world!
        VPN is a virtual private network or tunnel over the Internet. Each VPN connection is totally anonymous on the internet and it helps to keep your activities anonymous and safe. Our VPN services are a simple and very effective method to add a reasonable amount of privacy and security to your Internet usage. If you participate in VOIP, Video Conferencing, Poker/Casino, IRC chat rooms, online games, Web Cams, Newsgroups, Instant Messaging, Blogs, FTP or have the desire to keep your web surfing then you will find our service extremely valuable. provide reliable vpn servers located around the world such as USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and France. Watching your favourite online TV or accessing restricted website based in other countries can never be easy than before. With's professional vpn service, our vpn enables you to watch free live tv and re-recorded TV from the UK, US and and Germany through software like Zattoo, BBC iPlayer, ITV Catchup, 4oD, ABC, FIVE, CBC, FOX and HULU, thats Live UK TV for free. Our customer get to surf from around the internet as an american, european, british, canadian, german, dutch or chinese citizen. On top of that, our vpn network provide 99.998% uptime guarantee!
How does a VPN account work?
        As soon as you connect to our VPN server your computer is assigned a new IP address, an IP address that is owned by us, not your ISP.  Then all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and is tunneled to our VPN server.  Once there, it is decrypted and allowed to travel to its intended destination. Your local ISP will only see a single encrypted data stream between you and our VPN server.  Your ISP can no longer monitor, log or control your Internet usage.
Supported Devices:
        PCs, Windows Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Macs, IPhone, ITouch
About us: Provide USA VPN Services, UK VPN Services, German VPN Services, Netherlands VPN Services, Canada VPN Services and so on. We have 72+ Servers in 10 countries around the world to provide our customer professional VPN Services and proxy services, include SSTP VPN Services, PPTP & L2TP vpn services, OpenVPN services, Socks & Http proxy services and SSH Tunnel services. VPNGates start to provide vpn services online since Feb. 2007, We have experienced engineers to provide technical support to our customers. Welcome to and try our services!
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